Swami Ramdev recognizing Tanvi Shah

Swami Ramdev recognizing Tanvi Shah for facilitating PYPT USA Assistant Yoga Teacher Training Workshop in California USA

We had an amazing turnout at the Patanjali Yogpeeth (PYPT) Assistant Yoga Teacher Training Workshop in Irvine, CA USA from Feb 7 to Feb 9, 2020.

66 participants attended the workshop and gained a deeper understanding of Sage Patanjali’s eight principles of Yoga and received systematic training of Yog postures and meditation. Upon completion of the Assistant Yog Teacher training, the participant can promote yog and conduct free yog-pranayam classes. This training will allow the participants to be part of a global movement pioneered by Swami Ramdev to revive the ancient yog science and fulfill his dream for a Healthy and Disease-free world.

In the following video Swami Ramdev is recognizing Tanvi Shah and other team members.

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