Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga Camp Flyer v1.1

Kids Yoga – We teach kids ages 7 and up, meditation, different breathing techniques (pranayama) and yoga.

Yes kids….. Lots of kids are more inclined towards meditation than we would usually believe. After all meditation is the birthright of every soul.

Read reviews (Testimonials) to learn, how kids yoga is helping our clients.

Source: GOOGLE Reviews

Denise Harbour 

Mar 2019

This is the story of my son who was 17 year old when I have him joined yoga with Tanvi. He had trouble problems breathing through nose for many years, the doctors say they were allergies and he was treated with various allergy medications including daily dose of Qvar for respiratory problems, Tanvi immediately bought this to my attention that he has deviated septum in his nose, we saw the doctor and suggested that he diagnose for the above concern and that was it! He had surgery to fix the Septum not only that he is not on any allergic/respiratory medications anymore. He breathes well, sleep well and life is so much easier now for him, I wished I had met Tanvi before, so my son wouldn’t have to go through all this for so many years…..
Thank you Tanvi you are the Best!
I highly recommend Tanvi she has knowledge of what she’s doing!

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