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Tanvi is patient with you when you start, closely monitors and respects your limits.
Sarvenaz Jamalijam
Jun 2021 – (posted on Google Review)
*I have been attending her Yoga classes for 2 months now and I already feel the difference. The class is just the right size,Tanvi is patient with you when you start,closely monitors and respects your limits. she truly cares and the total experience is very pleasant.

The yoga taught is traditional. Its very relaxing, improved my sleep quality and helped my back pain.
May 2021 – (posted on Google Review)
*I took personal prenatal session, the yoga taught is traditional. Its very relaxing, improved my sleep quality and helped my back pain. Will definitely go back. She watches all the postures closely and give feedback. I had a very pleasant experience.

Tanvi knows the human body very well and root causes the pain, and focuses on the body weaknesses till muscles are built up.
Marjan Orang
Mar 2021 – (posted on Google Review)
*I got fantastic results with my lower back pain and my general flexibility with the help, care and instructions Tanvi provided to me. Tanvi knows the human body very well and root causes the pain, and focuses on the body weaknesses till muscles are built up. She is super caring, and follows up every week on the body progress. Even if you get distracted by life, she makes sure to bring your focus back to your body. When in class, she watches the students carefully to make sure all the postures and moves are being held correctly. Even if it takes her 10 times to remind you that knees cannot be bent, she will do it. Her commitment to accuracy of postures is admirable. I am slowly learning to commit to her yogi ideologies both in class and outside. Tanvi is inspiring me to incorporate yoga practices in my day-to-day activities and I am super happy to find her and have her in my life. After I gave birth to my son I always had a slight lower back pain and was almost giving up on it. Now that my pain is gone I look forward to being more athletic and enjoying wider levels of movements at home and in nature.

I finally am falling back into my routine because of Tanvi’s yoga.

Peenal Jain
Jul 2020 – (posted on Google Review)
*I was having backache for about a month. Doctors had done nothing but give painkillers for the same. I came in touch with Tanvi and she asked me to do some backache exercises and some asanas, they have been immensely helpful. I could feel the difference just in 2 days. I finally am falling back into my routine because if Tanvi’s yoga. Thank you so much.

TanviYoga- it’s a simple homey space at a very affordable monthly price.
Yulin Sun
Jan 2020 – (posted on Google Review)
*happy and grateful to have found TanviYoga- it’s a simple homey space at a very affordable monthly price. Powerful breath work is always integrated with Yoga movements. Tanvi is knowledgeable and she also caters for your specific needs and conditions. The morning practices are both energizing and grounding for me during my visit in Irvine. Thanks Tanvi!!

I enjoy the daily yoga practices, especially the breath work.

Oct 2019 – (posted on Google Review)
*I live next door. I enjoy the daily yoga practices, especially the breath work. I like the slow pace and the refreshing feeling afterwards!

Tanvi is very experienced in Yoga and Pranayama. She is extremely generous in her time & patience.

Sonali Rao
Sep 2019 – (posted on Google Review)
*I was between jobs and was seriously looking to invest time in mental & physical health. Several years of hard work & mental stress had taken a toll on my body. I had developed high BP, painful periods, weight gain issues. I am fortunate i came across Tanvi Yoga on Google. Tanvi is very experienced in Yoga and pranayama. She is extremely generous in her time & patience. After few sessions, I felt calmer & more positive. My BP is now is 110s normal range from 150’s. I really hope I can continue working w Tanvi after crazy work schedule kicks in. She is a true life saver.

The experience of sitting in the open air and doing pranayamas before the sunrise was amazing

Anish V
Jan 2016 – (posted on Google Review)
*I was trying to share my experience with Tanvi Yoga since a long time. It started with me reading about yoga and searching for a teacher close to my residence. As like many of us, i googled and came across Tanvi Yoga. I read through all the reviews and thought to give it a try. From the very first meeting with Tanvi, I was happy with her frank and straight forward nature. She was open to have me take some trial lessons before me committing to it. I use to wait every Saturday for the yoga class. After each session I felt very refreshed and rejuvenated. She also helped me with some asanas for my back, which made my back feel much stronger. The experience of sitting in the open air and doing pranayamas every wednesday before the sunrise with her and other students was amazing.

I was very sad & upset when she told that she would be moving to CA. I bet every student of her in NJ must be missing her immensely. I wish her all the very best in her future endeavor and would surely recommend her if you are looking for a teacher who can provide you personal attention.

Learning with Tanvi is very fun and enjoyable

Billie Liang
June 2015 – (posted on Google Review)
*Learning with Tanvi is very fun and enjoyable, and I love every moment of it. Tanvi has helped me become much more relaxed and less stressed, and I am much happier than before I took her courses.She is a very nice and welcoming teacher, and I began to feel comfortable with her the first time I took her classes. She is very understanding and will help everyone reach their full potential. Thank you so much, Tanvi!

Tanvi is a spectacular and supportive teacher 

Ariocie Liang
June 2015 – (posted on Google Review)
*Tanvi is a spectacular and supportive teacher who knows innumerable things about yoga and the body. Her classes are both refreshing and wonderful, and has helped me gain a healthier body and mind. I started her teacher’s yoga course late into last year, and I have already learnt much about the yoga asans, the benefits, and the chakras each move affects.
Overall, Tanvi’s yoga class is a terrific experience that everyone should enjoy. Thank you Tanvi for everything you taught me!

Nice Yoga Classes

*I joined tanviyoga for lower back pain..The exercises and stretches recommended by Tanvi were very helpful and it gradually helped me curing the pain..Also it improved my overall flexibility and health. Tanvi gives clear instructions and she motivates you to do the exercises regularly. I would recommend for anyone looking to improve their overall health

by Rishi Suchde (posted on YogaTrail)

Dec 2014

Pratiksha recommends Tanvi Yoga

*Tanvi and I have known each other since few years. I had back issues then and Tanvi had suggested to do Yoga. I didn’t pay attention. My back pain got worse from bad and I started taking massages twice a week. I was stressed out completely because of over work.

I joined Backache yoga with Tanvi. I was irregularly regular in the classes but managed to do yoga homework everyday. I just did 2/3 of the course. Did not even complete it because of work. Yes I am a workaholic. My back got better and still is. It hurts only when I overwork. Otherwise I sail by the days without painkillers. My back feels strong now. I absolutely recommend TanviYoga for Backache issues.

by Pratiksha Kumar (posted on TanviYoga GooglePlus page)

Dec 2014

Very Effective

*I took the prenatal yoga class with Tanvi. She is a very friendly and warm person.
I had severe lower back pain and found good relief after my very first session. The classes also helped to have a normal delivery.

by Sudha Pongali (posted on

August 31, 2014

Niveditha recommends ‘Tanvi Yoga’

*I am 24 years old, and had a very sever lower back pain.  The pain migrated to my right leg eventually; which lead to a very bad nerve pinch. I could not walk very well and had trouble  sitting for more than 15 min.

I started practicing yoga with Tanvi after reading the reviews she had on her website. I am doing so much better since the last month, my pain has  reduced dramatically, I am able to bend, sit and most things that I had trouble  doing earlier. My posture and day-to-day life has improved so much since the yoga classes with  Tanvi.
The breathing exercise that I have learnt in the class help me relax so much at the end of the day after my busy schedule.
by Niveditha (posted on TanviYoga Google+ page)

Sep 2014

Very Effective

*I took the prenatal yoga class with Tanvi. She is a very friendly and warm person.
I had severe lower back pain and found good relief after my very first session. The classes also helped to have a normal delivery.

Sudha Pongali (posted on

August 31, 2014


*I am 72 and I have been practicing yoga with Tanvi since October 2013. In the past my knees have been painful and stiff due to arthritis. I walk daily and have had to use ace bands to support my knees whenever they hurt. Now my knees are pain free and flexible because of yoga. I feel fantastic because my energy level has increased since I began working with Tanvi. She has encouraged me to improve my postures and breathing so that at the end of class I feel relaxed and full of energy! Thank you Tanvi for being such an inspiring teacher!

by Filomena Delciello (posted on TanviYoga Google+ page)

May 05, 2014

My ‘Tanvi Yoga’ Experience

*I am an IT professional , having tailbone pain (coccydynia)and disc bulge problems due to continuous sitting and improper postures. It used to hurt me so badly when I sit for more than just 30 minutes.I was advised by few doctors,to do specific exercises and also to use special wedge cushion to ease the pain.I have been doing those, in addition to that, undergone ultrasound physiotherapy, couple of ayurvedic massages in the past 4 years. I could enjoy good results only for short period of time.However, there was no medicine or treatment for complete cure and recovery.
I started practicing Backache Yoga from Tanvi Shah recently. One and a half hours session per week, for three months.It improved a lot  in the first month itself, and almost 70% of the problems disappeared by the completion of the classes.Now I can sit continuously for more than 2 hours without pain.I was totally amazed by her dedication and personal attention. She is a nice person, approachable and understanding.
If you are a person who suffers from backache, I would suggest you to go to Tanvi Yoga,after having a word with your doctor. Please do not quit after the first class, take it from me…its really hard in the initial sessions, keep doing..totally worth it.

by Ninu (posted on TanviYoga Facebook page)

Feb 06, 2014

Awesome Yoga Class

*I started at TanviYoga about 1 and 1/2 months before and I already participated about 10 classes. I am about 45 year old male and suffering from Acidity, arthritis and Sinus problem. I already started getting good result. Acidity is much better (albeit diet control also does matter), knee pain is better. I enjoy the class with Tanvi. She is very good guide and helps me with enough personal attention. I would recommend her Yoga class to anybody I care for.

by Susanta Chattopadhyay

April 14, 2013

Maitri Vyas recommends TanviYoga

*I have taken many Yoga classes but none of them can be compared with Tanvi’s classes. She is a great instructor always pushing you and challenging you. I love her classes!!

by Maitri Vyas on Facebook

March 06, 2013

Varsha J recommends TanviYoga

*I do not have any story about recovery from any pain or miraculous relief from pain full body parts.  from very young age i have been very active  and a self-motivated person.  i was a disciplined pilates lover on my  own at home for a long time  but for last 2 years my knees start to hurt with these routine which made me quit pilates and i looked around  for other options to my physical fitness routine.  when i started tanvi yoga..the two major pluses  drove me to her lessons- were flexibility of choosing own hours and great combinations of pranayam and yogic exercises. i think i have my found my fitness regime for the best price.  i work full time as property manager and also persue a field of vocalist and professional singer with zeal, which requires  a healthy  combination of sound mind and fit body.  worth giving a try for yoga lovers.

by Varsha J. on Yelp

Feb 09, 2013

TanviYoga for one and all!

*I had a repeated knee injury this spring while playing tennis and on visiting doctor, he had advised a possible ACL replacement, though he was not sure and hence he recommended for a surgery. I decided on going against it and found TanviYoga on internet. Its now almost 3 months I started going to yoga class with Tanvi and I must say results have been amazing. My knee pain has almost gone and I have started playing tennis back and have been pretty comfortable in that. Tanvi is very understanding and pays individual attention to each and everyone’s needs. She makes sure that she attends one’s requirement and works on that – like for me I was given more of light knee related asanas in the beginning so that I recover from that injury first. I would recommend Tanvi to anyone in New Jersey who has or does not have any injury. Yoga is the way to go and Tanvi helps you reach there.

by Pradeep, Edison, NJ

October 03, 2012

Amazing Dedication

*I started Backache Yoga with Tanvi, Though i am not a chronic backache patient, the backache yoga worked for me amazingly. Trust me i was not able to lift a business bag because of severe backache. The dedication, care and perfection with which Tanvi teaches Yoga it is commendable. I remember missing two sessions of Yoga as i was out of town, it felt as though i am missing the most important thing in my life. I call her “Tanvi the Tigress”. her tireless dedication continues endlessly. I am yet to come across a better teacher in my life.Hats off to her passion for Yoga.Best of Luck !!!!Keeep it up.

by Manjesh Behal, Piscataway NJ

September 26, 2012

Great Yoga Teacher

*My 12 year old niece has issues with anxiety. She has been taking the Chrysalis Yoga class for about one month and there is a marked improvement in her behavior. She focuses better in school and is sleeping calmer. She enjoys going to her yoga classes.

by Ana , NJ

September 16, 2012

Perfect for Kids

*My 10 yr Old Son has been taking Yoga classes from Tanvi for the past 6 months. It has helped him in gaining concentration, meditation and breathing in the right way. He loves taking Yoga classes from Tanvi, since she makes it very interactive and friendly environment. Thanks to Tanvi. I would recommend for her classes.

by Saravanan, Edison, NJ

August 07, 2012

Great Yoga Teacher

*I have been doing yoga with Tanvi at the Vedic Vidyalay for almost four months now and cannot say enough good things about Tanvi and her class. Tanvi is a very warm and friendly person and teacher. Her yoga classes are extremely relaxing and invigorating. She has a very calm and casual way of teaching, at the same time making us push our boundaries to go beyond our comfort zone. I have taken several yoga classes before and know the importance of a good teacher and Tanvi is exactly that. – Anahita, Architect

by Anahita, Edison, NJ

May 16, 2012

Great yoga

*I have been to yoga classes in the past… But Tanvi yoga seems to work for me . Tanvi is a very patient, understanding and experienced teacher who can really work with you in resolving your issues. I used to be light sleeper and now my sleeping issues have improved a lot. I am taking the regular yoga classes with Tanvi and I would recommend it to anyone. But please don’t decide or quit after your first class. Give it sometime and you will see it working!!!Shobana(IT consultant) by Shobana , NJ

May 15, 2012

Good Yoga Sessions

*I started with TanviYoga 4 months ago and needless to say that I can’t do without her classes. Her class is personalized and she pays individual attention which is important for me.Besides being a good workout, it has also helped me to sleep better. I would highly recommend her class.

by Priyanka Jha, Edison, NJ

May 13, 2012

Great Yoga Teacher

*I Started taking Yoga classes with Tanvi few wks back .She is a great teacher, very motivating and patient. My body is more flexible and I can see the benefits from her class. Will recommend her class to my friends .

by Devi, edison,NJ

April 02, 2012

Relaxing and rejuvenating

*I have started yoga with Tanvi since the past two myths and my body is already feeling the benefits from it. I’m much more flexible then I’ve ever been and feel relaxed after the class.Wish I had the time to attend more sessions during the week instead of only once per week.Will recommend it to my friends and might enrol my kids in it.

by Reshma Baadkar , edison nj

March 09, 2012

Very nice

*I like this class, it helps me relax and I feel more energetic after the class. I recommend it to all people who has stress.

by Olga, Edison, NJ

March 09, 2012

Excellent experience

*After some sessions with tanviyoga I had sinusitis and with her breathing techniques I have got a so much relief. I will highly recommend her classes.

by Gurpreet, Edison

February 23, 2012

Great place for a beginner!

*I’ve taken about 6 classes with her and found her to be very friendly and informative. I was 28 weeks pregnant when I started my prenatal yoga classes and it really helped me. I enjoyed her yoga classes and i’m planning to go back after pregnancy…

by Rajeswari , Iselin, NJ

January 14, 2012

Excellent Yoga Teacher!

*I have taken 9 to 10 sessions with her. She is a very patient and informative teacher. Specially her meditation classes are great stress reliever. I have a severe lower back and right shoulder problem. Since, I started with Tanvi it’s become much better. I plan to attend her session for couple more months. I highly recommend her!!!

by Sarika Saxena, Edison, NJ

January 05, 2012

Great yoga teacher!

*I like to write few words about Tanvi. I started classes with Tanvi a month ago. Comparing classes with Tanvi to my previous classes at different places I must say I’m very happy with her and I’m glad I’ve found her. I have problem with my lower back (sciatica) and I started doing yoga to improve my condition; however, I always ended with neck problem and had to stop my practice for some time instead,until I felt better. Since I started with Tanvi my condition is getting better and better. I’m glad I can continue my experience with yoga, and my overall condition has improved, I’m getting more flexible, my sciatica and neck doesn’t bother me (so far), and my chiropractor had scheduled my next appointment for next 3 weeks (started with 3 times a week). A lot of good from attending Tanvi classes. She is concerned with my problem, and she tells me what to avoid while bigger places not.Overall I would highly recommend Tanvi!!!

by Izabela, Colonia,NJ

November 20, 2011

Great Instructor!

*I have taken a class taught by Tanvi and found her to be very gentle and informative. I enjoyed her yoga class and definately will again!

by Danielle, warren, nj

October 19, 2011

Best Place for Yoga

* I searched for lot of yoga centers for my daughter,since she keeps her mouth open while sleeping and at last i found this tanviyoga.Tanvi she has a very wide knowledge about all yogas and more than 15 years of exp..i started pranayama for my daughter and she is in her mid of her course and what a change she breathes very easily and much better than earlier.seeing this i also joined her class for my allergies(there are yoga for bring allergies down)and still i have 4 classes left.but b4 completing the classes i want to let all know that she is one of the nicest person and best place to start yoga for all ages..i will still update my reviews at the end of my classes…Thanks Tanvi..

by Nirmala, Edison,NJ

October 12, 2011

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