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Benefits of Yoga

“The experience of sitting in the open air and doing pranayamas before the sunrise was amazing” – Anish V (posted on Google Review)

“Unless you experience God, you would not know what it is,” said Tanvi Shah, proprietor of TanviYoga. “It’s the same thing with yoga.” “It’s sort of designed to give a stretch to every cell in your body,” she said, adding that pranayama, a method of breath control, adds to the benefits.

Check out Tanvi’s full interview on Benefits of Yoga at Edison / Metuchen Sentinel. Read more….

Yoga Teacher Assistance

Have you ever felt helpless because you don’t know how to help a client with certain health issues?

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my first eBook!!

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Do you detox the Yogic way? According to the yoga scriptures, one needs to detox before starting the journey towards Yoga. The detoxes (Shatkarmas) mentioned in Yoga helps remove toxins from the body so that the results for the stretching poses and Pranayam are achieved more quickly. The book “Decoding The Yoga Cleanse Scientifically” discusses in detail the Shankh Prakshalana (salt water gut cleanse) and how it helps detox the whole body easily.

I am proud to present my 3 years of research on Shankh Prakshalana cleanse (salt water gut cleanse) in this book.


Happy Detoxing. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Call +1 (201) 281 9725 or email Tanvi@TanviYoga.com to know more.

NOTE: I would like to hear your real time experiences with Shankh Prakshalana Cleanse (if any). Please Leave a Comment below.

The experience of sitting in the open air and doing pranayamas before the sunrise was amazing

(posted on Google Review)
*I was trying to share my experience with Tanvi Yoga since a long time. It started with me reading about yoga and searching for a teacher close to my residence. As like many of us, i googled and came across Tanvi Yoga. I read through all the reviews and thought to give it a try. From the very first meeting with Tanvi, I was happy with her frank and straight forward nature. She was open to have me take some trial lessons before me committing to it. I use to wait every Saturday for the yoga class. After each session I felt very refreshed and rejuvenated. She also helped me with some asanas for my back, which made my back feel much stronger. The experience of sitting in the open air and doing pranayamas every wednesday before the sunrise with her and other students was amazing.

I was very sad & upset when she told that she would be moving to CA. I bet every student of her in NJ must be missing her immensely. I wish her all the very best in her future endeavor and would surely recommend her if you are looking for a teacher who can provide you personal attention.

Anish V

Tanvi suggested me few exercises and there was a big relief in my pain!!

(Posted on Google Review) Apr 2019

I work for Tanvi. I was complaining about my back ache .Tanvi asked me few questions and suggested to change my mattress .She also suggested me few exercises and there was a big relief in my pain. it has been three weeks now. I am looking for the kind of mattress than she suggested and I’m still doing good. I m 75% better now pain wise.

Erika Zavala