Discover Our Yoga & Pranayam Classes

Kids Yoga & Pranayam

Empower your child’s physical and mental development with our Kids Yoga & Pranayam classes. Designed specifically for young minds and bodies, these sessions combine playful yoga poses with the calming practice of pranayama (breath work), fostering a sense of joy, focus, and emotional regulation. Our engaging instructors make each class an adventure, ensuring your child learns valuable tools for mindfulness and stress management early on. Ideal for improving concentration, flexibility, and overall well-being, our program is a stepping stone to a balanced and healthy lifestyle for your kids.

Prenatal Yoga

Nurture yourself and your growing baby with our Prenatal Yoga classes. Tailored to the unique needs of expectant mothers, our sessions offer a safe and supportive environment to strengthen your body, ease discomfort, and prepare you mentally and physically for childbirth. Through gentle stretches, strength-building poses, and focused breathing techniques, you’ll find relief from pregnancy-related aches, an increase in your energy levels, and an enhanced connection with your baby. Join our community of moms-to-be for a prenatal journey that empowers and informs.

Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation

Embark on a transformative journey with our holistic Yoga, Pranayam, and Meditation classes. This comprehensive program is designed to cultivate physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual growth. Dive into a practice that integrates the physical mastery of yoga, the breath control of pranayama, and the mental tranquility of meditation. Whether you’re seeking to alleviate stress, enhance your focus, or deepen your connection to yourself, our classes offer the tools you need to achieve balance and rejuvenation. Perfect for all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, our approach encourages personal growth and inner peace.

Backache Yoga

Experience relief and regain your vitality with our Backache Yoga classes. Tailored for individuals suffering from back pain, this specialized program focuses on strengthening, stretching, and restoring the back muscles and spine. Through a carefully curated series of poses, you’ll work on improving posture, flexibility, and core strength, all of which are key to combating and preventing back pain. Our experienced instructors guide you through each session with attention to safety and individual needs, ensuring a therapeutic and healing experience. Say goodbye to backache and hello to a stronger, more resilient body.

Decoding The Yoga Cleanse Scientifically

Do you detox the Yogic way? According to the yoga scriptures, one needs to detox before starting the journey towards Yoga. The detoxes (Shatkarmas) mentioned in Yoga helps remove toxins from the body so that the results for the stretching poses and Pranayam are achieved more quickly. The book “Decoding The Yoga Cleanse Scientifically” discusses in detail the Shankh Prakshalana (salt water gut cleanse) and how it helps detox the whole body easily.

I am proud to present my 3 years of research on Shankh Prakshalana cleanse (salt water gut cleanse) in this book.