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The LifeCoach AcademyThe LifeCoach Academy
01:42 28 Feb 24
Tanvi is a wonderful yoga teacher, I cannot recommend her classes enough. She is very detail oriented, she corrects your postures and cares about your aches and pains. She offers advice and tips to help you feel better, and is accommodating and lovely! I truly recommend her classes online or in person in her studio! Namaste!
Big Block PlatinumBig Block Platinum
21:01 27 Feb 24
Tanvi is amazing. She had really helped me to work with my back. I have been in pain for awhile now and she introduced me to new practices to help ease the pain thank you so much Tanvi.
Mark KleinMark Klein
02:08 17 Feb 24
Wonderful yoga session where I learned a much deeper level of the essence of yoga
Jeannette SmithJeannette Smith
03:33 24 Aug 23
I hate yoga! That’s what I used to say. Boring - not doing much for me. That was until I met Tanvi. Her depth of knowledge and authentic support and patience helped me through a lot of stiff pain. It’s not yoga that you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, she points out (nicely) and encourages you to get it right. Been going for two years! lifesaver!!
Rajavi PatelRajavi Patel
18:07 18 Jun 23
Tanvi Yoga is an amazing place to learn yoga and all the skills required to help maintain my health and body. She has helped my lower back pain and I can see so much progress. I highly recommend, service amazing!
Sarvenaz JamalijamSarvenaz Jamalijam
23:24 09 Jun 21
I have been attending her Yoga classes for 2 months now and I already feel the difference. The class is just the right size,Tanvi is patient with you when you start,closely monitors and respects your limits. she truly cares and the total experience is very pleasant .